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Succesful Joint Venture

Statura Creation Of Joint Ventures

Statura works with companies to create technological ”product” joint ventures that evolve with changing market dynamics.  It is our experience that such uniquely crafted JV’s are an effective way to bring into reach new markets, secure old and protect against changing markets, particularly in difficult or fast evolving times.  Such relationships have benefited each party in such a way that without each other they would have been excluded from key contracts, that is until their joint formation which now benefits each other from each others expertise.

Joint Ventures

The Approach

As with any Joint Venture each party has a valued and equal contribution, such a contribution can be technology, as an example: In the case of provider of software to the mobile telephony operators, a call control system vendor joined with a subscriber control vendor and together they formed a product JV (one party had complete control of the management of a call the other over the charging, promotion and retention of the subscriber) due to the changing environment they were equally excluded from bidding for major contracts, as they were not able to provide an end to end solution, that was until they joined forces.  The benefit on this occasion was not only the technology but also the cost effective solution as one of the party’s origins is from China, with a Chinese cost and expectation structure.