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Work Life Balance

Founded by leading International Business Coach Nigel Saywell-Lee.

Nigel and his team have helped businesses, managers and executives from over 46 countries with their performance issues, personal development, cultural interaction and understanding.

Whether you are looking to improve sales performance, productivity, planning, interpersonal, leadership or motivational skills we can help

The Perfect Balance

Health, Wealth & Longevity/Wisdom

Three Star Gods: Health, Wealth & Longevity/Wisdom

Fu Carries a scroll or a baby boy, representing Health & Family.

Lu Stands a head taller than the other two, and has two "wings" on the collar of his robe and represents all good things, especially Abundance and Good Luck.

Sou Carries a pine walking stick or sceptre, and is usually holding a peach that is the symbol of immortality and he represents Longevity & Wisdom.

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