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Case Study - AEGON Successful Joint Venture

In late 2009, AEGON-CNOOC ran a major re branding campaign in China, including TV commercials, billboard ads, new product launches and an altered logo. The campaign was given a boost by the star power of one of the world’s most celebrated concert pianists: AEGON ambassador Lang Lang. AEGON-CNOOC’s new logo combines the blue of AEGON with the red of CNOOC, and clearly builds on AEGON’s tilted blue square. AEGON-CNOOC’s new slogan – roughly translated as “The perfect team, using our knowledge to secure your financial future” – is a perfect fit with AEGON’s worldwide strategic goals.

The campaign has yielded strong results. AEGON-CNOOC was recently named "The Best-Growing Brand in the Insurance Industry," based on a well-known public poll in China.

Case Study - Successful Joint Venture

AEGON's expansion in the first decade of the 21st century often took the form of joint ventures. AEGON-CNOOC logoIn April 2002, AEGON formed a joint venture with China National Offshore Oil Corporation. The resulting company, AEGON-CNOOC, was AEGON’s first venture into China.

Since then, AEGON’s activities in China have grown steadily. Today AEGON-CNOOC is present in provinces concentrated on China’s eastern coast, a prosperous region with 500 million potential customers. The company is now the 11th largest foreign-owned insurance company in mainland China.  

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